Tales From the Long Road
Fantasy / Adventure
Life is a long road traveled, and some
roads stretch beyond the horizon!
From the Writer / Director of the film, Appointment with Mr. 'E' comes a
fantasy / adventure for the 21st Century!  Finally, a story for the mature
reader free of cute cuddly characters, yet filled with intrigue, romance
and terror!  From start to finish TALES FROM THE LONG ROAD will keep
you guessing and put you in places only the most fearless...
and foolish
dare go!
Travel back in time 5,000 years to the world of 'Uurth' where magic
thrives!  Elves and Men live side by side in the vast Eastern Empire, but
unforseen events may jeopardize the peace.

The Government of South City has secretly negotiated with a powerful
nation which after 400 years has lifted the veil of isolation.  In order to
seal the treaty, an ambassador was sent to South City.  Disaster struck!  
Militants kidnap the Ambassador and vow to execute him!  If the Envoy
is not recovered, all the magic on Uurth will not prevent war from coming
to South City!

In order to keep war at bay, the sinister organization known as 'The
Council' hatches a daring rescue plan and hires a covert team of
mercenaries.  Their orders were simple; save the Ambassador at all
costs!  All was going as planned, until the rescue team is taken out by a
freelancer during an altercation
before they could get the assignment!  
Disaster has struck again, or has it?

The mission is still on and may be in better hands!  The assignment has
been taken by South City's most notorious bounty hunter.  Now
unknown to all with a false identity, stolen equipment, and no particular
plan, the lives of millions depend on the wits and the cold-iron short
sword of the renegade Bounty Hunter, Wolfwalker!

Written by H. Wolfgang Porter
Now available in hardcover,
paperback and e-book editions!
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Tales From the Long Road
© Copyright 2004 / 2005  H. Wolfgang Porter.
Produced by Dreaded Enterprises Unlimited, Inc.
All rights reserved.  Cover art by H. Wolfgang Porter.
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